When Terry King chose to run for a publicly-elected position, it became not only our right, but our responsibility to vet him thoroughly!

Nothing will be posted on this site without supporting documentation. If you have any doubts about what you read, go to the Evidence Folder(tab located on top, right corner).

Terry King is Under Criminal Investigation

by the Michigan State Police as of July, 2020

There were two huge, red flag issues in the termination letter from Kieliszewski to King.

1- Interference in the Ella White Investigation. - PROVEN

2- Fraudulent/Improper charges to the CRTC Security Contract. -UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION

When the FOIA Response finally began delivering texts from King's county phone, the texts were discovered proving the first allegation was true. King had told his friend to not let his wife take the polygraph requested by the Alpena PD and then spent 8 months lying to all of us about it.

The second issue was more difficult to prove. There were many rumors flying around, but obtaining supportive documentation was another issue.

To this date there's still debates and battles by the pencil-pushers as they tap dance, trying to get out of having to repay the State of Michigan for the $40,000 plus charges that Alpena County had originally reported as improper, but then did a 180 degree change to try to get out of repaying the state.

But, while the decision to not prosecute King for fraud was made, being King did not financially benefit from the apparent fraudulent/improper charges, he did seem to knowingly falsify government documentation numerous times, each of which is a felony. As a result, King is currently under criminal investigation by the Michigan State Police.

Sometimes the Loudest Voice is the Silence

Look at the Formal Endorsements from the Local Law Enforcement Community. These are people who have spent years working with both Kieliszewski and King.

I have taught folks over the years when investigating any person, organization, or issue, watch carefully for discrepancies in variables.

An example is when looking into the partisanship of an organization. If the local population is at a 50/50 split in ideologies, but the staffing in the organization is 75% towards one ideology, it's time to pay attention to a possible intentional bias and if the staff is 100% towards one ideology, statistically it's nearly impossible unless there's a conscious effort on the part of the organization.

The reason I bring this up is seeing a leaning of 100% to 0% in formal endorsements is the discrepancy in variables I'm talking about. A variable has been turned to an absolute where the absolute is 0% Formal Endorsement for King. This absolute silence in endorsements for King is the


Wannabe Sheriff tells Wife to Commit Felony

I swear, it's the CONTINUOUS discovery of things about Terry King that drive me crazy. Some might not seem significant, but when you put the little pieces together, they paint a big picture <smh>...

This one I just stumbled across might not seem like a big deal to many people, but to a law enforcement officer or someone who wants to be the most powerful law enforcement officer,



There's a simple, legal answer to the problem she is telling him about... What you're supposed to do if you accidentally open someone else's mail is to tape it closed, write "return to sender" on the envelope, and put it back in the mail.



Quit treating texts about Killing Gay People as a joke to be ignored.

The rest of the world doesn't think it's funny!

"THESE guys are holding hands. Where is my fricken gun" & "Bang bang"

are not acceptable texts in the modern world and especially not from an Undersheriff on a county cellphone, yet, after the texts were discovered on Terry King's county phone, there are many in the community, including the local media, who quickly shoved it under the rug and continued to support him.

Well, the media got hold of this and no, not from me. Someone told the Detroit Free Press about King's violent, homophobic texts and they wrote an article about it. And, as would be expected with a HUMAN RIGHTS issue, this HOT story was picked up by many other publishers throughout the country and even internationally.

Residents continuing to support King, knowing he made these texts, are giving Alpena County a huge black eye throughout Michigan, the United States, and even internationally!

We, the residents of Alpena County cannot afford to become the people who elected a knowingly violent, homophobic Sheriff!

Links to some of the articles being published:










I need some advice. Maybe you can help me.

There have been some who are stomping their feet and declaring what we are uncovering as mudslinging and they've had enough. They want us to stop. Maybe you can help me out.

What should I have done when I discovered Terry King really had interfered with the Ella White investigation by telling his friend to not let his wife take the polygraph the Alpena PD asked her to take?

What should I have done when we discovered he had been successfully lying about it to the entire county for 8 months?

What should I have done when I came across the violent, homophobic texts Terry King sent to his friends and family wanting to shoot a gay couple for holding hands?

What should I have done when I got the letter showing Terry King trying to influence a rape investigation to help out his friends and neighbors whose son was the suspect?

What should I have done when I discovered Terry King tried to pressure one of his own deputies into dropping stalking charges against one of his friends who had been terrifying and mentally abusing the deputy for a long time?

What should I have done when I found out it appears Terry King had come up with a false story to try to screw over the deputy who did the rape investigation against his friend's son?

What do you do when every time you turn around there's something else unethical being uncovered or brought to your attention about a guy who is running to be the MOST POWERFUL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER in your county?

Is it mudslinging just because THE TRUTHS UNCOVERED seem very dirty?

My question is, what would you do if you found out all these things?

Would you just not tell anyone and carry the guilt of knowing you let someone like this get elected?

What would you do if some are saying they've had enough and you know there's still something HUGE that's already been confirmed and you're just waiting on the FOIA response?

Was King a whistleblower???

It appears there was NO whistle to blow!

When King was terminated, he did 3 things. He claimed he was fired for being a whistleblower, said he was running for Sheriff, and SUED Alpena County for wrongful termination.

But, what if the two issues he claimed to have blown the whistle on were completely unfounded? Let's look at both and I'll tell you what we found.

The first claim was about the tether program. King said he had pointed out that someone had given the letter he wrote to Judge Mack to HCI's competitor. HCI is the tether company whose local rep, Eric Watkins, is a very close friend to King, and in the letter to Mack, King had asked Mack to exclusively use HCI and badmouthed HCI's competitor excessively.

Now here's where it doesn't add up. You see, King sent an email to Watkins with the letter to Judge Mack as an attachment and he told Watkins to share the letter with whoever he felt should have it... Oops!

You can't give a letter like that, badmouthing one business, to the competing business and tell the competing business they have the freedom to share it around. THAT appears to be the liability issue King got his wrist slapped for, so NO, this doesn't qualify as whistleblowing, but rather seems to be a big unethical screw up on the part of King. Feel free to look at the email chain in the Evidence Folder titled: TetherEmailsLetterRedacted

On to the second act King said he was terminated for blowing the whistle on. This was his claim that Phil Seguin had used the police radio without authorization on two occasions. But, is that true?

Well, it is true he used the radio, but King didn't bother to look into whether he was authorized to do so before making his accusations. Another Oops!

Had King shown due diligence before making a claim that Mr. Seguin had committed a criminal act by using a police radio unlawfully, he would have discovered some very important things. Or, had he simply remembered the email he had been sent by the Sheriff in 2016, he would have realized he was falsely accusing an innocent person of a crime.

The Prosecutor's Office had applied for and been granted status as an independent Law Enforcement Agency by MCOLES in 2016. As such, four members of the Prosecutor's Office, including Phil Seguin, had been given Call Signs to use with the 911 Police Radio System and were authorized use of the LEIN system. King was notified of this in 2016 by the Sheriff's email. (Evidence Folder: SheriffsEmail) Additional documentation including the MCOLE documents and audio recording from the MPSCS Director further prove Mr. Seguin's authorization.(Evidence Folder: MCOLESandCallSigns , MPSCSDirector)

Put these both together and there was no whistle to blow. Instead we have one case where it appears King acted unethically, disseminating information in an inappropriate manner and in the second, we see a complete lack of due diligence before accusing an innocent person of a crime.

Are you continuing to see a pattern developing? Have you noticed King again unethically helping out his friends? Do you see King again attacking those he doesn't like without justification?

The Man Behind the Mask

What a person says and does when they think no one will know, says a lot about the person. When a person does the same type of thing repeatedly, you are no longer looking at an instance. You are looking at the person's character.


Thinking no one would find out about it:

-King texted to family and friends his desire to shoot a gay couple because they were holding hands(*1).

-When talking with a deputy about a busy night(*2), King said they had "Two fags and an intox bimbo." Bimbo? Seriously?

-In his notes about hiring a woman for the base, King references the way the new-hire dresses and the size of her breasts(*3).


King interfered with an Alpena PD investigation in which the Police asked a suspect to take a polygragh. King told the husband to not let her do it, then successfully lied about it for 8 months(*4), telling everyone the conversation never took place.

Thinking no one would find out the truth (which justified his termination):

King sued Alpena County for $25,000 for wrongful termination.

Thinking no one would find out about it:

-King appeared to try to influence a rape investigation for his neighbor's kid by repeatedly letting the investigator know on 3 separate occasions (*5) what good friends he was with the suspect's parents, leaving the investigator feeling so uncomfortable he reported it to the sergeant & lieutenant.

-When the rape suspect was finally arrested, King contacted the jail and tried to get them to break standard protocol and not put the suspect's name and picture on the web(*5).

Thinking no one would find out about it:

-Terry King pressured one of his own deputies to back off charges against a STALKER, in which the deputy was the one being stalked and continuously terrified by an unstable person, because King was friends with the stalker and his family.

Eventually the stalker was convicted.

Behind the mask is a person far different than the person presented to the public.

Behind the mask is someone Alpena County cannot afford to have in a position of authority.

Behind the mask there appears to be a person who has no regard for ethics, the law, or even those who work for him when it comes to helping himself or his friends.


  1. Terry KingAnti-GayTexts.pdf

  2. KingToJoeSmith.pdf, pg 456

  3. DressProvocative.pdf

  4. KingWatkinsPolygraph.pdf

  5. Sgt. Jones Summary.docx

  6. ChristinasStory.pdf

Fatal Rollover Being Politicized

There was a rollover accident that occurred on August 19th, 2019, in which a sweet young lady lost her life.

Unfortunately, her mother, rumored to be a member of Terry King's Campaign Committee, has made strong accusations against the Sheriff regarding the accident that merited the FOIA'ing of the Incident to uncover the FACTS. It is with a sad heart we include the incident report in the Evidence Folder and address the matter here.

CLAIM: The mother is claiming it took the Sheriff nearly 2 hours to respond to the accident.

FACTS: The logs received in the incident report(pg 141) show the Sheriff was contacted at 12:31am to perform a reconstruction investigation of the accident. The logs then show the Sheriff leaving his home to the site, which was about 2.5 miles away, at 1:14am. With a maximum 5 minute drive, the time of initial contact to the time of arrival at the scene would be approximate 50 minutes total.

The blood test for alcohol content(pg 18) of the young lady who passed away and was determined to be the driver was registered as 0.14, which is nearly double the 0.08 level which qualifies as operating while intoxicated.

The mother references evidence that was not recovered by the Alpena County Sheriff's Office the night of the crash.

One piece was a sheared bolt(pg 13) the mother took to the Michigan State Police- Alpena Post on 8/23. The conclusion was the sheared surface was rusted over and could not have been sheared as the result of the accident.

Another piece of evidence not recovered at the crash site was the young lady's phone. At the accident scene, the mother was told by an Alpena County Sheriff's Sergeant that the Deputies and State Police were searching extensively for the young lady's cellphone as evidence in the accident investigation.

When the accident occurred, the passenger could not roll the UTV off the young lady and called a neighbor for help. According to the neighbor (pg 11), the neighbor saw the young lady's phone on the ground, picked it up, put it in his pocket, and forgot about it.

After the neighbor returned home, the mother entered his home to use the restroom, then yelled at him to keep his mouth shut and yelled at him for letting them drink at his home.

While the mother was yelling at him, the neighbor put his hands in his pocket and discovered the cellphone. He removed it from his pocket and gave it to the mother.

The mother knew the officers needed the cellphone as evidence in the reconstruction investigation, but did not surrender the cellphone to the officers and has still not done so.

The conclusion appears to be the Sheriff's Office and State Troopers responded in reasonable times and followed the correct protocol on scene and during the investigation. The only irregularity seems to be the withholding of evidence by the mother.


On June 30th, King released a video (link below) claiming what we are sharing here is 'dirty politics' and implied if HE was sheriff, he would keep this from happening.

DIRTY POLITICS or better known as a SMEAR CAMPAIGN is the use of 'disinformation and lies' to discredit or smear the character of a candidate.

An INFORMATIVE CAMPAIGN is the dissemination of information where supportive and legally-admissible documentation is supplied as proof of the legitimacy of the information being presented.

When a candidate is being out'ed for unbecoming, unethical, or illegal acts in an informative manner with supportive documentation, often the candidate will falsely label the exposure as dirty politics or a smear effort in the hopes the average voter will not take the time to review the supportive documentation supplied.

I believe Alpena County Residents are too smart to fall for such tactics.

As a side note, let's compare what is presented on this website v King's campaign since the day it began.

On this website you will find nothing dirty. Everything posted is informative and backed by legally-admissible, supportive documentation. The supportive documentation for everything posted is kept in the publicly-accessible folder titled the 'Evidence Folder' (tab in the upper-right corner).

King's campaign, on the other hand, has been a smear campaign since day one.

In the letter where he announced his resignation and his intent to run for Sheriff, King claimed he was fired/forced to resign due to whistle-blowing, even though he know the allegation he had obstructed an Alpena PD investigation was true and justified his termination.

In the same letter he claimed the Sheriff no longer has honesty or integrity. BOTH of these fall under the 'disinformation and lies' and subjective claims which define a smear campaign.

Since that time he has added to the smear by intentionally characterizing the contractor's mistake on the new jail as a 'bait and switch', which is a legal term used to represent fraud, even though King knew the contractor's mistake was nothing more than a mistake.

And most recently, a person rumored to be a member of his campaign team has been spreading disinformation about a fatal accident. As many of you may have read, we FOIA'ed the accident and were able to uncover the FACTS disproving what was being spread.


The difference between the two is obvious and dramatic.

Alpena County's Fiscal Health

On June 23rd King released a video explaining how the financial health of not only the Sheriff's Office, but the entirety of Alpena County would be his top priority if elected. But, is that true? Consider this:

In the termination letter from the Sheriff to King, there was an allegation that Terry King had impeded an Alpena PD investigation by telling his friend, Watkins, to not let his wife take the polygraph the Police investigating the Ella White incident had requested she take.

King denied to the public and the Sheriff that the conversation ever took place. He also told the Sheriff he agreed if the conservations HAD taken place, it would be grounds for immediate termination.

After 8 months of continuous denials, the FOIA'ed texts came out PROVING King had been lying all along and the conversation DID take place.

Think about it! King admitted if the conversation took place, it was grounds for termination.

Knowing he had done something that justified his termination,

King STILL sued Alpena County for wrongful termination! Does that sound like a person whose top concern is the financial well-being of our county or someone looking to line his pockets thinking he wouldn't get caught?

Then there's the case of a habitual offender in the County Jail who told the correction officers he was overdosing, but felt they didn't handle it in the manner he thought it should have been handled.

At this time Terry King had already been terminated from the Sheriff's Office.

In a FOIA'ed audio recording(in Evidence Folder), the mother of the inmate tells the inmate she called Terry King for advice and without looking into the situation, King told the mother the Corrections Officers should have called an ambulance IMMEDIATELY and she should get an attorney 'from outside the area' to sue Alpena County.

Why didn't he tell the mother the ACTUAL PROCESS when inmates say they're having medical problems is to FIRST CONTACT THE DESIGNATED DOCTOR FOR MEDICAL ADVICE? Why didn't he look into the issue or defend the integrity of the Corrections Officers instead of immediately advising a lawsuit against Alpena County?

Does this sound like a person prioritizing the fiscal well being of Alpena County or does it sound like a disgruntled, ex-employee looking to cause his ex-employer problems?


UNIONS: 3 of the 4 Local Law Enforcement Unions have endorsed Sheriff Kieliszewski.

Alpena PD Chief Joel Jett has endorsed Sheriff Kieliszewski.

Retired Judge Doug Pugh has endorsed Sheriff Kieliszewski.

Retired Major General Burt Francisco has endorsed Sheriff Kieliszewski.

Previous Sheriff James Marquardt has endorsed Sheriff Kieliszewski.

To date we are not aware of any Formal Endorsements from the Law Enforcement Community for Terry King.

The Law Enforcement Community, who have worked with BOTH Kielsizewski and King for years, are making it extremely clear who they feel is the better choice for Alpena County.

Law Enforcement Character References:

Ex-Lt. Bob LaBarge, in his 2018 resignation letter, lists Terry King's unethical behavior as the reason for his resigning (letter is in the evidence folder).

Sgt. Jones, in his 2020 resignation letter from the Sheriff's Campaign Committee, accuses Terry King of criminal activity, bigotry, misogyny, and pathological untruthfulness (letter is in the evidence folder).



Not surprisingly, when confronted about the violent, homophobic texts, King claims he is not that person any longer. That he's changed. Is it true? There are two things to seriously consider.

At the time of the texts, King was not a child with growing up to do. In 2013, when he made the texts, he was a roughly 49 year old adult in a powerful law enforcement position. He was the undersheriff for Alpena County and as such, was under oath to protect all the people of the county while he, on his county phone, was texting to multiple people including his friends and family, his desire to shoot a couple for being gay and holding hands.

When King was terminated from the Sheriff's Office, one allegation in the termination letter was that King had interfered with the Alpena PD's Ella White Investigation by telling his friend to not let his wife take the polygraph the police were asking her to undergo.

For 8 months King swore the conversation never took place and he would never do something like that. He had half the county believing him. THEN, the texts from his county-issued cellphone were FOIA'ed and BOOM, there was the text conversation he said never happened!

We have proof of the texts. We have proof he is very skilled at lying. We know issues that cause violent reactions (such as a desire to shoot someone) seldom change without a catastrophic event. The odds are he hasn't changed and Alpena County cannot take the risk.


After the Violent, Homophobic Texts were discovered on Terry King's county-issued cellphone, while he was Undersheriff for Alpena County, someone asked whether he was also a racist. There's still a mountain of data to review from the FOIA'ed content of his cellphone, but this popped out at me and as it says in the meme, the keywords to take notice of are "ANOTHER" and "Black". It appears King and his daughter share BLACK jokes and King enjoys it. Make of that what you will.

Impersonating an Officer?

FOIA'ed emails from Besser Elementary show Terry King was making the children call him Deputy King while he was employed as a substitute teacher following his termination from the Sheriff's Office. You can't do that!

It is very concerning that legally-admissible, supportive documentation is provided in the Evidence Folder "proving" Terry King made violent, homophobic texts while UnderSheriff and on a county-issued cellphone, yet some in the county continue to support him with apparently no concern for the safety of our LGBTQ community.

The violent, homophobic texts weren't just sent to his daughter. Further review of the FOIA'ed texts from his cellphone discovered he sent the same image of the gay couple holding hands, along with the text "THESE guys are holding hand, where is my fricken gun" to a group of three other people.

Disturbingly Homophobic Text Conversation

extracted from Terry King's County-Issued Cellphone . Date of conversation: October 20, 2013

Obstructing an Alpena PD Investigation

& Lying to Cover It Up.